RandyHead2I’m a husband – 20+ years now to the sweetest woman I ever met. I’m a dad – 3 sons and a daughter – 2 of them teenagers right now – smart, bilingual, well-behaved, sweet kids (usually). I’m a follower of Christ. I’m a missionary. I’m a pastor. I’m an American living in Poland. I’m a cheesehead, Badger/Packer/Bucks/Brewers fan. I like music – any kind. Really. I love sports. All sports. I love to read, especially fiction, especially sci-fi/fantasy. I dream of writing a book myself.

Other interests? Wow – a long list. Wood. Woodworking (those are inherited). Old cars. Old books. Hiking. NOT fishing. Hunting – when I was a kid in the U.S. Just being out in the woods/mountains. Militaria – planes/ships/tanks. Strategy games. I’m interested in the things my kids are interested in (except FISHING). American football. Soccer. Baseball. Basketball (that order – oh, and Badger hockey). I love a good wisecrack – a zinger. I’d rather hear a great impromptu insult than a stand-up routine (that’s inherited, too, I think). I don’t like to fish. My parents do. My kids do. My friends do. They catch fish, though.

Randy. With Kaye, and 4 kids in Poland since 1999.

  1. Rev,Fr.Ilyas Nawab says:

    Dear Directors/Incharge.
    Many Christian greetings from St,Matthew’s parish Chowk Azam Distt:Layyah Punjab-Pakistan.

    My dear Brothers/Sisters,i belong to Anglican Catholic Church and running Catholic Sunday schools,and runing two General Education/Primary schools among the poor christian communities different areas of St,Matthew parish,
    I would like to bring into your kind knowledge that this parish is very poor,mostly community members lively hood by donkey carts,some are working as a daily wages.

    St,Matthew’s parish has four catechists,which are busy to spread Lord’s Gospel with me,and busy to permote Religious education in whole St,Matthew parish,

    Name Of Catechists:(St,Matthew’s Parish).

    1.Kamran Joseph (Merried and has 4 children)
    2.John Bahtti. ( Merried and has 6 children)
    3.Yousaf Masih (Unmerried)
    4,Sarfraz Seprian.( Merried and has 7 children)

    It is my humbly request to you please support our parish and please assist our catechists by salaries.
    Our parish will be thankful you for this great help and favour.

    Yours In Jesus and Mary

    Parish Priest:
    Rev,Fr.Ilyas Nawab ( Traditional)
    St,Matthew Parish Chowk Azam
    Ward # 10,Teh,Distt;Layyah
    Parish Cell:+923024857296

  2. Ethan says:

    Dear pastor,

    I’m going to study in medical university of Lublin at this September. I’m a Christian from Taiwan and now looking for a church to go to. I found the information on your blog but not the location of your church. Can I have the address of your church? Do you have international students’ group?
    Here is my e-mail: ethan0621@hotmail.com

    Thanks for your consideration
    Looking forward for seeing your reply

    Best regards,


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