10 Companies that should Sponsor the Conclave

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Catholic Church, Pope
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Interrupting all the serious blog posts recently with a little fun. I’d love to hear your suggestions 🙂

1. Coca-cola – by far the most obvious. Everyone is in red, for Pete’s sake (St. Pete, of course) Although, the old joke says the Pope already turned down Coca-Cola when they asked him to change “bread” in the Lord’s Prayer to “Coca-Cola.” (or was it the wine in the Eucharist??)

2. Vermont Castings – U.S. makers of fine wood stoves. Kind of partial to them, since I used to help install them.

3. St. Louis and Arizona Cardinals – sorry, just couldn’t resist. You could add Stanford, too.

4. Gammarelli tailors – dressing the pope for over 200 years.

5. Poland and Germany tourism departments. Well, why not. The home countries of the last 2 Popes are great places to visit. Also,  Ghana, Italy, and a couple of other countries associated with front-runners.

6. Gerda keys and locks – because conclave basically means “lock-in,” after all.

7. Makers of anti-bugging devices.

8. Port-a-potty manufacturer who provides the portable toilets in the Sistine Chapel.

9. European bookmakers betting on the new Pope. (No link – I’d rather not encourage you to bet)

10. Berlitz and the Rosetta Stone – especially the Latin modules.



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