Who Am I?

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Fishing, Hiking, Identity, Sports

First blog. First post. Kinda scary. Gotta write something original, interesting, creative. Or not . . .

I’m a husband – 18 years now to the sweetest woman I ever met. I’m a dad – 3 sons and a daughter – 2 of them teenagers right now – smart, bilingual, well-behaved, sweet kids (usually). I’m a follower of Christ. I’m a missionary. I’m a pastor. I’m an American living in Poland. I’m a cheesehead, Badger/Packer/Bucks/Brewers fan. I like music – any kind. Really. I love sports. All sports. I love to read, especially fiction, especially sci-fi/fantasy. I dream of writing a book myself. 

Other interests? Wow – a long list. Wood. Woodworking (those are inherited). Old cars. Old books. Hiking. NOT fishing. Hunting – when I was a kid in the U.S. Just being out in the woods/mountains. Militaria – planes/ships/tanks. Strategy games. I’m interested in the things my kids are interested in (except FISHING).   American football. Soccer. Baseball. Basketball (that order – oh, and Badger hockey). I love a good wisecrack – a zinger. I’d rather hear a great impromptu insult than a stand-up routine (that’s inherited, too, I think). I don’t like to fish. My parents do. My kids do. My friends do. They catch fish, though.

I have no idea what I’ll post on – interested myself in discovering that. Sports? probably. My kids? Definitely. Ministry? maybe. Life as a “stranger in a strange land”? yeah.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This made me laugh,,,,,,several times……you haven’t changed one bit.
    So……..wanna go fishing??

  2. Connie Schriver says:

    Spoil sport.

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