Wroclaw Lock Bridge

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Travel, Wroclaw
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We were in Wroclaw in early October. Wroclaw is a beautiful city, but Ostrow Tumski  in early fall is especially nice. Ostrow Tumski refers to the islands in the middle of the Oder River, where the oldest buildings are located. One of the more interesting places is a metal bridge with hundreds (thousands?) of locks attached to the side. Each lock is left by a couple, usually when they get engaged. Some of the locks were quite old. My favorite, though, was the bike lock. I’d love to hear the story of that one. Two people who love to bike together? An impromptu engagement, and that’s the only lock they had? Just being different?

  1. Linda Thomas says:

    I’ve spent all this time in Wroclaw and I’ve never seen this bridge! Why didn’t you tell me? Then again, I’ve spent most of my time in the government building or looking at the map. 🙂

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